City Union Bank Ltd.
AGMAug. 18, 2022, 11 a.m.
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1OrdinaryAdoption of financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2022
2OrdinaryDeclare final dividend of Re. 1 per equity share (face value: Re. 1.0) for FY22
3OrdinaryReappoint Jagannathan & Sarabeswaran, and K. Gopal Rao & Co. as Joint Statutory Auditors for FY23 and fix their aggregate remuneration at Rs. 7.0 mn
4OrdinaryAuthorize the board to appoint branch auditors and fix their remuneration for FY23
5OrdinaryAppoint Mahalingam Narayanan (DIN 00682297) as Part-time Non-Executive Chairperson for two years from 4 May 2022 and fix his remuneration
6SpecialReappoint Narayanan Subramaniam (DIN 00166621) as Independent Director from 23 August 2022
7SpecialAppoint Veezhinathan Kamakoti (DIN 03537382) as Independent Director for five years from 27 May 2022
8SpecialAppoint G Mahalingam (DIN 09660723) as Independent Director for five years from 6 July 2022
9SpecialApprove issuance of securities through QIP for an amount not exceeding Rs. 5.0 bn

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